I’m going to do the unthinkable

I’m going to offer a reimbursement to you if you use me as your affiliate should you choose to sign up for SNE. Jeff does not offer discounts, however, he has not barred us from sharing some of our affiliate pay to offset the large chunk that is the first payment for his service. After that though, your own earning should be able to pay for the subscription cost with no problem.

So here’s how I’m going to work this:

If you sign up using my affiliate link, use the contact form to let me know what name you used to sign up, and the paypal address for me to send you 10% of the cost back to you. That means I’ll send you $25 via paypal within 48 hours of you sending me a message with those details. I’d love it if you comment here afterwards letting people know that I am in fact truthful.

I’ve had an amazing time with this service so far, and I want to share it with people.

My first win with SuperNova Elite newsletter

A week ago Jeff gave a buy alert on ONCS. I had never heard of the stock and am weary of OTC plays. I’ve been burned in the past by newsletters and pumpers playing OTC and have tried to stick with big board stocks since then. However, I’ve been tracking SNE’s plays for a while and they have some fantastic results.

Anyway, I decided to get in with a small position and today I sold for a 9% profit. I sold before the alert came out (I could have made more if I waited… To the tune of 15%) but I wasn’t about to let my 9% profit turn into something less. 9% in 1 week is an OUTSTANDING return. I’ve been reporting on some of the newsletters wins, but this was a trade I was actually in, and made real money.

So far, I’m incredibly impressed with this newsletters results, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try out a stock picking newsletter. You can sign up here if you want to give them a try too.

Yet another win, and the most compelling review I’ve read so far

SA alerted JRCC at around 1 O’clock. By 3:50 the stock had rocketed up by 12.4% over his alert price. That’s 12% in under 3 hours. I have never been part of a service with consistent results like this. I keep stats on SuperNova Elite’s trades, and I compare them to every other trader I follow (I’m at 7 right now) and SuperNova Elite’s track record is the best in the industry since I’ve been following them.


Also, on another site that I run, I got this review from someone who is a member of SuperNova Elite. Being a young aspiring trader myself, this is the most encouraging review I’ve read about any service anywhere. I want this to be me.

Hey guys I’ve been with Stock Analyzer since I was 16. Thanks too his video lessons and teaching abilities I’ve been able to move out of my parents house and buy a 2010 Camero. I don’t work for anyone lol, besides myself. It’s been a life changing experience. Thanks for everything.

Hopefully in a few years, I’ll be able to buy myself a shiny new car, and pay off my mortgage. 23 and with a mortgage isn’t bad, being able to buy a house that young is not common. Being 26 and owning your home outright, that’s my dream. I’m hoping to get there with SuperNova Elite

Just joined Super Nova Elite!

I joined SuperNova Elite last night and want to keep a log, as much for myself as for you, about my progress with the service.

I must say, my first impression was pleasing. Jeff not only closed an alert for almost a 10% profit today (He got in before I joined unfortunately) but also sent a few e-mail alerts out about him working with the chat program company to get a fix for apple users after the IOS 6 update came out and an update on a stock pick from last week. No secrets though, I’ll let you know when he closes the position what it was. Currently its up about about 3% and its a big board stock.

I don’t have much to report just yet, but I’ll be updating this every few days with the latest and greatest. I’m excited!