SuperNova Elite – Complete Review

I’ve been with SuperNova Elite for several months and so far it is, without question, the top stock alerting service I’ve ever used. I actively follow 7 newsletters and track every trade they make. SuperNova Elite has been at the top of that list since I started following them.

This is a broad review of my personal experiences with SuperNova Elite service. For daily updates, please use the Daily Reviews link.


I am offering a reimbursement to those who choose to use me as their affiliate to this great service. Check it out here

7/9/12 – I know it hasn’t been updated in a while. I just re-read the whole thing and every bit of it still stands. If you look at my “proof” link,  you can see it’s rather ugly. I’ve been working on a new site that ranks the top newsletters on the internet that is user friendly. It’s coming. And SNE is still near the top.



Brief Overview:

I started following SuperNova Elitea few months ago and have been blown away by the results coming out of this newsletter. As I mentioned, I keep stats on every single one of the seven paid newsletters that I follow and SuperNova Elite is by far one of the best. The proof is right here. Few other newsletters even comes close to giving these consistent results, and averaging 4.8% profit per trade is unheard of. SuperNova Elite is definitely worth looking into in my opinion. I did, and I’ve been very happy with my decision.

Complete SuperNova Elite Review:

The SuperNova Elite service has a lot of options, allowing you to choose your most productive method of making a profit given your lifestyle.


Text alerts and E-mail alerts:

The text and e-mail alerts are what I rely on a vast majority of the time. I work full time, so Swing Trading is my primary form of trading. I’m like most people out there with a full time job, I can’t always get to a computer or my phone the second a trade opportunity becomes available. I surely don’t have the time to monitor a chart and check for news throughout the entire day. That’s where this service shines. You can go about your business throughout the day. Whether you are writing up a report or in the field wiring up a light bulb you can get these alerts to your phone and inbox and move on them when you have time.

While this service does the hard leg work for you, that doesn’t mean you can mindlessly follow every trade that comes in. The market moves really fast at times and sometimes by the time you get an alert, the stock price has already jumped up 5%. This is NOT the time to get in. This service does set goals of 10-15% gains (and often gets more) but if you’re getting in 5% up the spike, you chances of making profit on the trade are vastly reduced. It’s your money, use your head, preserve capital. The next trade will come around soon and you can get in on that one and ride it for full profit.

Chat room:

For those who have time throughout the day to get in, this chatroom is a paradise. Whether you have some extra time at work, maybe work from home, or even have a day off of work, this chatroom is THE place to find great stock picks. Here’s a recent example of some chatroom alerts that added up to roughly 90% in gains in a single day.

You can meet the moderators of SuperNova Elite service here. Each of them have their own specialty of stocks that they follow and alert. Some specialize in swing trades, other in option alerts. Having them all around to help answer questions and give their opinion in their area of expertise is one of the best resources on the internet.

Day trading is not for everyone. In order to use all of the day trading alerts properly, a $25,000 day trading account. Having a smaller account can put your in danger of the PDT rule. However, if you manage your trades carefully, and, when possible, carry a trade overnight  you can work well within this rule and still grow your account nicely in the chat room.

If this sounds like your style, check them out here
 Nightly Watchlists:

Jeff takes the time to create a nightly watchlist for us for the next day. Here’s an example he posted as a blog post. This is what we get sent every night so that we can make educated trades on our own. After a while of starting to read these charts every night, even without the learning material (next section), you start to learn the ideal chart patterns that are working for SuperNova Elite.

Learning Material:

There is roughly 20 hours of video lessons on the SuperNova Elite website that you have full access to once you become a member. These video lessons range from everything from after hours trading, to how and why to scale into a trade, learning how to trade a trend and a few on the basic chart indicators.

There are also weekly webinars for members. These webinars ususally have a topic, turning them into interactive learning experiences with a great lesson. Sometimes, the webinars are “open forum” style allowing members to ask questions about the video lessons, chart patterns, stock opinions, or basically anything else related to the service or making money in the stock market.

You must be a member to get access to all of these great features though, join here!
Affiliate Program:

Everyone who joins SuperNova elite is automatically enrolled in the affiliate program. A full outline can be found on the service’s site here.

When someone signs up using your affiliate link, you get 30% of the service price back in commission. If you see value in the SuperNova Elite service like I do then its easy to tell other people about it. Friends and family can always use a little extra cash. Just having 3 people sign up will cover the cost of your subscription as long as your affiliates stay signed up.

While I do get paid if you sign up using one of my links, I’m not here to “make you” sign up. I write honest reviews to the best of my ability. I even quit writing reviews for a service that was making me money from affiliate commissions but the service was failing. I’m not afraid to tell the truth, but I see value in this service so I want to share. If I can make money with a $2,000 starting account, than the majority of people who have much larger accounts can make some substantial profits.

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